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Introduction The neuron ENERGETIC METABOLISM. NUTRITION Physiology of the muscle Properties of blood   Advertisements

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labs first year

  1-permeability-of-cell-membr 2-resting-membrane-potential-and-action-potential-of-muscle 3-electromyogram 4.┬ástudy-of-reflex-arc 5-diet 6-serum-proteins 7-eab blood collection 8-haematocrit 8-indices 8-sre 9-count 10-blood-grouping 11-coagulation 12-assessement-of-gastric-secretion 13-the-exploration-of-exocrine-pancreas 14-functional-exploration-of-the-liver Food table

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    1.Introduction 2.Neuron 3.Muscle 4.ENERGETIC METABOLISM 5.NUTRITION 6.BLOOD1 7.blood 2. 8.blood 3 9.The gastrointestinal 1 10.Gastro intestinal 2 11.Gastro intest 3  

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